Born in Siberia to a Danish father and a Ukrainian-Polish mother, Vera Schalburg was many things to many people.

To the people of Portgordon, where she and one of her two accomplices, were arrested on the morning of 30 September 1940, she was ‘the Beautiful Spy’.

In the never-never land of myth, legend and twisted folklore of the British Intelligence Services, ‘the Beautiful Spy’ remains as enigmatic as she was on that far off day in 1940.

I have created this site to publicise the mystery and to further my long-term aim of unravelling the true story of ‘the beautiful Spy’.


Vera Schalburg in February 1942

PG station4

Portgordon Station - where Vera and Theodor Drucke, her lover and accomplice were arrested on the morning of 30 September 1940.  The picture was taken in the 1970s long after the station was closed.